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For those of you that know me (Melissa) well, you know I just love photographing newborns. It truly is the my “niche” in photography and one that I skip to the studio to photograph! There is just something so precious to me about an itty bitty brand new baby to photograph and know that I will be capturing a stage that slips away in just a matter of days….that fresh brand new baby stage.

We have noticed that there are some families that want to just have their sweet baby photographed and not do family pictures or sibling pictures. So we are now offering our Newborn Mini Photography Sessions to accommodate these requests. Here are the details about these short but very sweet sessions for you to consider….

Newborn Mini Photography Sessions✨

$125 includes up to one hour with just your little newborn. This session will consist of our beautiful wrapped poses as little ones love to be bundled up tight and just fall asleep. We will incorporate props and bean bag posing as well as baby and time allows. This is a great way to have gorgeous photographs of your little one in a short time frame and for those parents that do not want to include family, parents, or sibling photographs.

The session fee covers Melissa’s time and talent to do the session. Parents will be scheduled to return to the studio within one week to then purchase their favorite images as prints, albums or even digital files. 💕

If you would like more information about our newborn photography services, please click here.

Below are some super cute images from our first Newborn Mini Photography Session we did last week. We were able to complete this session in just 50 minutes. He was so sweet and sleepy. We have lots of tips and tricks to hep these little ones stay in a sleep state of mind to create a nice variety of images for parents to fall in love with. 

If you would like to book a session or would like to ask some more questions, please do so by click here and we will be thrilled to chat in more detail!