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Saint Joseph Michigan Engagement Photographer

This couple is pretty special to me. I have known Cole since he was born and met Zayda when she was still a little girl. Zayda was also one of my Noelle’s favorite babysitters!

I am so excited to not only go to their wedding and watch them get married, but also be able to photograph it all day! And an even fun add on is that Noelle is a flower girl in the wedding! It is a day highlighted and circled on our calendar and one our whole family is looking forward to being a part of!

Our families are all friends…so all of our families spent the evening at the beach waiting for the light to be perfect and then we walked around the beach to get these pretty images of them together. It was a fun evening of love, smiles, silliness, lots of laughter and good memories. We all are so excited to witness these two getting married. 💕