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I hosted five photographers yesterday at my studio to help them grow in their photography skills. It was a really fun day to watch the light bulbs be lit in their heads. I remember those moments where the knowledge started to make sense…and how exciting it was!!
We spent the first part of the day talking about camera settings. Also a good review for me! =)
I asked Nicole Keith, a beautiful girl from my church (Northbridge), if she would be willing to model for us. I planned to keep it pretty informal…well I asked my way too talented friend Misty Blake if she would be willing to do her hair and makeup, and she went way beyond the call of duty for me. She found another gorgeous girl for us that day….and wow! I was just blown away at Misty’s creativity. So we six photographers had a great time photographing these two beauties.
The end of the day, I showed them how I edit in AdobeLightRoom….I LOVE LOVE LOVE LightRoom….period.
So here are a few of my favorites of the day. I had a great time, and it really passed any expectations I had for the day. So thank you to the photographers who came with open minds and the eagerness and love that I so deeply share with them for this awesome thing called photography. =)