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Why Invest In Newborn Photography?

It’s a great question and one we answer often here at our studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I have some points to share that I think will help those “on the fence” to see if it’s truly worth the investment for them. Newborn photography has become much more popular the last five year, and I know there are questions about whether it is right for your family and worth the investment. 


1. The short answer to this question is that your baby is a work of art. YOUR work of art, and we are here to photograph that for you, and then we offer you gorgeous products to showcase in your home! 

newborn baby girl in wooden heart bowl with fresh tulips

2. You have waited and prayed for this sweet baby for nine months and now they are here, and that sweet itty bitty newborn is going to grow so fast and change literally over night on you. This stage is a precious time in your life where you are bonding with your newborn and falling head over heels in love with your child. 


Pregnant mother in pink dress being photographed in a field outside

3. Some moms think they can have a friend do it or they may take pictures themselves on their phones, and while there is a place for that of course, it is easy to see that true professional newborn photography is a learned skill. Our focus is always on safety first for the baby, and then creativity. I have photographed hundreds of newborns and each one is a gift from God and they most precious thing to you as a parent and I do not take this job lightly. If there was one regret I have before I became a photographer it would be not getting professional photographs of my daughters at this sweet newborn stage.

Even I as a new photographer back then thought I could do it, but I was an exhausted mother who was trying to recover from a c-section, I just could not do it properly. I should have hired a professional and so wish I did. Just think of yourself 20-40 years from now, how do you want to remember this newborn stage? Through digital images taken by your phone, that is if you can even find them or digital files are still relevant in 30 years…..or through prints and albums? Think of how you look at your family history now….does your grandparents or parents have a wedding album, or do you wish they did? 

Newborn baby girl photographed in a wooden bucket with daisy floral crown


4. You have waited and prayed for this sweet baby for nine months and now they are here, and that sweet itty bitty newborn is going to grow so fast and change literally over night on you. This stage is a precious time in your life where you are bonding with your newborn and falling head over heels in love with your child. 

Beautiful mother snuggling her newborn baby son

5. Have a baby, and building your family is a milestone in your life that is just as important as your wedding day! When you look back on your life, you are going to look back and remember THIS time so fondly of having your sweet baby. Having gorgeous, high quality photographs that will last decades and beyond will help remind you how precious these moments in your life were. These will be your “good ole days”. We do not want you wondering “where did those digital files go from our baby’s newborn session”. We want you to have portraits and albums that will be admired and looked through with love remembering your sweet baby and this stage of life.

Newborn baby girl lying on pink blanket with eyes open

6. Why is newborn photography so expensive? There are a couple main reasons and the first one is that it takes time and patience during the session. Most sessions last up to three hours, we say we will not stop until we get the images we need to create a wonderful gallery for you to chose from. Babies can be fussy sometimes and we just have to wait them out and that takes time. They may need a little extra snuggling or food to relax and allow us to pose them and photograph them and we are always will ing to wait.

The other reason is quality. That is something we do NOT skimp on here at my studio. Quality in the studio and the experience of being here, quality in our education, camera equipment and lenses to create those images that are the next “level” quality in our props and all our wraps and accessories or families to use when they come for their session and lastly quality in the end products…..whether that be prints, wall portraits, albums, acrylics, metals and even printable high resolution digital files. 

Big brother holding his newborn baby sister for a photograph

7. Make sure you are choosing a well trained profession newborn photographer. We live in a culture where there is a lot of pride in being “self taught”, DIY or learn it on YOUTUBE. I have learned a lot of Youtube as well, but DIYing can only get one so far and “self taught” as we learned on the movie Moana can only get you so far. Being professionally trained is an investment, but wow, the payoff is so great. Anyone can try to put a baby in a bucket….but is it safe? Is the baby being spotted by someone in case they move?  Is the baby content? Does it look natural? Is the lighting correct and flattering?

I could go on and on…but we just want to stress the importance that this is your BABY, you spend all night awake with this little one making sure they are happy, fed, dry and safe. You want to ensure the photographer you hired is comfortable holding newborns and positioning them in different poses and knows how to work with them well and patiently….and most importantly that they are very safe with them. Posed newborn photography can be quite technical and is quite the skilled trade in the photography industry. It truly all comes down to “you get what you pay for”. What are you willing pay invest in.

newborn baby being held in daddy's hands

8. Custom newborn photography sets and ideas. Here at Gregersen Photography, we love it when a family will contact us and say they have an idea they want to incorporate into their newborn photograph session. We so enjoy working with families to create sets that are unique to them and showcase their family dynamics and interests well.

Some sets we have created with families are: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Snow White, using mom’s wedding dress, Dad in his dress blues, sentimental items such as blankets and stuffed animals, family heirlooms such as necklaces and knitted blankets, flowers, seasonal sets, hobbies such as fishing, hunting and sports. We love getting creative with our clients and create the most adorable images with their newborns! 

newborn baby girl lying on bed with fresh tulips

If you would like to learn more about our newborn photography services, we would be thrilled to chat with you and answer any questions you may have for us. Please click here to contact us and we will get in touch with you soon.