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What to Wear for Your Maternity Photography Session

Hi! My name is Melissa and I own and operate Gregersen Photography. We LOVE photographing mothers to be and then their sweet itty bitty newborns. When we are talking with moms about their maternity session, the question always comes up “what should I wear?”. Deciding what to wear on a daily basis for any woman can be a struggle, but deciding what to wear for an extremely important photo shoot while you’re pregnant can be stressful and confusing.

Maternity photos can be some of the most beautiful and intimate photos that you’ll ever take and having the perfect outfit is key to making your photos look amazing.We are happy to help give you some helpful suggestions to make this process a little easier.

1. A long flowy dress is a great option and our most favorite to recommend!

There are a couple of great reasons why a flowy (maxi) dress is the perfect thing to wear for maternity shoots. For one, it’s incredibly comfortable. Comfort is key when you are pregnant, and when you’re taking maternity photos for an hour or so, you want to be as comfortable as can be. It also looks amazing on any pregnant body because it’s incredibly flattering. It covers up anything you don’t want shown, but can also be pulled agains the belly to show off your adorable baby bump. A maxi dress is also a very dramatic piece of clothing to wear for a photo shoot. The flowing fabric looks amazing in the wind and creates a lot of movement in a still photo.

I have looked on amazon for some dresses that I personally think will be great choices for maternity sessions. Please note these are affiliate links which means if you click on the link and purchase a dress, we do receive a small commission thanks to Amazon. 🙂 Sure love me some Amazon to buy and to recommend great options to my clients.

I personally like this one because I know so many moms prefer to not show off their arms and feel more comfortable with sleeves. I love that this one is a 3/4 length sleeve so it looks good on anyone. You can pick from lots of different colors! Just click on the image to be taken to amazon for more details and to purchase if you choose.


This next dress is a mauve color and one that I have at the studio available to use for a maternity session. It is a strapless dress with a slit down the middle front to expose belly as needed. 

This gorgeous long sleeve pink dress in the images below is one that the mother purchased on amazon. I found the link for it and you are welcome to CLICK HERE to check it out. 

This light pink short sleeve dress is super comfortable and one we find moms lean towards when they are choosing a dress for their session. Here is the amazon link to the dress and you can see there are many colors to chose from. 

This gorgeous open front slit dark purple gown is one that we have at the studio available for mothers to use at their maternity session with us. 

Here are some more examples of beautiful dresses that our clients brought in for their sessions to hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas of what you would like your session to look like.


I love this look with the denim jacket to add a layer and some great texture with her gorgeous chunky necklace. This is a great look for a late Summer or Fall session.


2. Solid Colors or Patterns?

We know that floral patterns are all the rage right now and rightly so, they are so beautiful. I personally LOVE them. My answer to this question is always wear what makes you feel beautiful, but I suggest that if you would like to wear a pattern outfit or dress, to also bring a solid color option as well. Solid colors allow you to be more timeless and not as trendy. We all love the trends, but not care for them as much in 20 years. So we suggest to go trendy and go timeless if you are leaning towards a pattern.


3. Tight or Loose Clothing?

If you are comfortable with wearing tight clothing and don’t mind showing off all of your gorgeous pregnant body curves, opt for a tight clothing option.  I suggest bring a flowy dress and then a tight clothing outfit to really show off that adorable baby belly. That can be as simple as a tight long tank top, a sweater, or cute shirt. Here are some examples below so you can see how versatile this look can be.

This is a great look of combining a tight tank top to show off her baby belly with a light flowy top. I really loved this outfit as it was casual and really well put together.


Here are some dresses I found on Amazon that I liked…and would suggest you check out. Please know that whatever you chose and feel beautiful in is the RIGHT choice. However, I know it is a daunting task so I went shopping on Amazon for you and found some favorites for you to check out. Just click on the images below to be taken to their listing on Amazon.

Happy Shopping! 



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