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It’s hard to put this wedding into words…because the big ones like epic, amazing and unique….well get over used. However this wedding labeled “The Greatest Wedding On Earth” was just that for Trino and Ashley. Not only was it a fun circus theme but it had deep roots in love and faith. Trino reached out to me last year to photograph their wedding even before he proposed to Ashley, and I was so so honored he thought of me. I photographed he and Ashley’s senior pictures before they even met so many years ago and for them to remember me and ask me to do this for them was so exciting….and I got even more and more excited as I learned how amazing their wedding was going to be. I love photographing weddings and have been for quite some time….and this one will always be a favorite!!!! Trino is an event planner and a professional magician and it showed through out the day! You did a great job Trino, and Ashley….dang girl….you were the most gorgeous bride! Love and hugs to you both!! Enjoy your sneak peak below….many many more to come.

  • We have been together for 5.25 years. Met when Trino performed for Ashley’s 18th Birthday. Many of Ashley’s friends joked that maybe “Your mom hired a stripper”. It really goes back to Melissa Gregersen shooting Ashley’s senior pictures though and Melanie talking to my mom  (who worked for Melissa at the time) about her magician son. We met in April of 2013 while we were both seniors at different high schools. We started dating on July 13th 2013 before going to different colleges

Click on the link here to read their proposal story!! it’s a good one!! 

  • Trino: I love Ashley’s smile and laugh. It has been my favorite quality since we met.

    Ashley: I love Trino’s gorgeous blue eyes and sense of humor.

A very sweet bond with dad and daughter. 💕

The first look! Always filled with excitement, anticipation and then lots of emotion!!

  • We love traveling, seeing live performances, cooking together and trying different food

They had their “circus” at Ashley’s grandparent’s property. So many family memories at this special spot, and now they have one more to add to the list.

Trino is a professional magician and his creativity with the circus theme was all over the place! He said the theme is “vintage authentic circus”. These banners were crazy and quite the talk of the night. 😉

These boys needed no help when I said “work the camera”. 😉

Trino: Honestly, the whole day was a whirlwind. As an event planner I really enjoyed not planning day of, but just accepting that what was going to happen, was going to happen. The fireworks were a huge suprise to both of us and were not “in the agenda”. I loved how many family and friends could be there to celebrate with us , some of whom traveled long distances. I really enjoyed the drive with Ashley to the church before our ceremony and reading our written vows to one another.
Ashley: Everything that day was so personal and I just enjoyed how much that day truly encompassed who we are as a couple.

Here we go….they have waited a long time for this ceremony!

They surprised their guests by throwing confetti on them as they were leaving the church! They thought through the details of the day and just made them all the more fun!!

We stopped on the way to the reception at Ashley’s home….they live on a vineyard and got some lovely images of them before we were off to the party!

A circus “side show” of magicians during cocktail hour!

This was a grand entrance with confetti canyons.

Ashley’s dad surprised her with his dance moves for their dance….its was awesome!

Trino and his mom had a fun and gorgeous dance too with red balloons!

A group of performers! Serious!

Their parents surprised them with an amazing firework show after dinner!

  • We hope to be role models for younger couples. We strive to grow together in our faith. To continue to be a power couple in all we do.

Trino: I wish it was longer. Maybe a 2 day reception?
Ashley: DITTO

Trino: Planning is hard. Hiring someone to help as a day of coordinator can be very beneficial. Remember that a good DJ/Photographer/Videographer isn’t cheap and a cheap DJ/Photographer/Videographer isn’t necessarily good. We have been to several weddings that didn’t have a DJ or band, but instead just had a “friend play music off an iPod”. There is nothing wrong with this, but know that a DJ does more than just press play. If you and your partner are comfortable with it, writing your own vows is something I highly recommend. It really will make your wedding more personal. Lastly, things will go wrong. Neither of you should feel like you need to work the day of your wedding (be prepared to put a lot of time in the week of). Just remember at the end of the day that you are married to your best friend and that’s what matters the most.
Ashley: Just make sure that you stop and take mental pictures of some of your favorite moments, and really live in those moments because the day flies by. Its important to keep to take a second and step back an appreciate this amazing day you are experiencing.

  • Kzoom Video- Dan Martin Babaturk Food Truck Motor Mouth Food Truck Pachamama Food Truck Canopeum The Great American Sideshow Company Wiser Productions- DJ Monte Jaansen VanderSalems Flowers iCandy Events Best Way Disposal Nicco’s Landing (Charcutterie) Boonzaaijer Bakery Sweetwaters Doughnut Mill Taste of Heaven The Magic of Trino.