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My sweet Grandma Opal passed away on Sunday night. I will miss her so much. However I am so thankful to know that I will one day see her again in Heaven. She was amazing!
I will be giving a tribute to her at her funeral. Here is the tribute below. Please excuse all the typos and bad grammar….I just typed from my heart and will use it as a reference point at the funeral. Also, these two photos below were taken last year of Norah and Grandma. I will treasure these photos for my lifetime.

Tribute to Grandma:

I remember as a child writing Grandma and Grandpa Outman letters. About one year ago, Grandma gave me this little homemade card, and it had a quarter taped to it. I had made the card, and told Grandma the quarter was for them. She told me many many times how much she and Grandpa loved reading my letters. So now….to honor Grandma today…I have written one more letter.

Dear Grandma Opal,
I know you are having a good day today. You are in the place you have longed to be for years now. You are safe, healthy, with our loved ones, in your new perfect body, and most of all in the presence of our God.
I am so happy for you and even jealous when I dwell on that thought that YOU are in Heaven.
I have so many words of thanks and praise I want to say to you. One small letter will not suffice for a lifetime of love that you have given our family. However, here are some highlights of my life with you.
Thank you for your kindness, your eyes always were kind and full of love. When you would hug me you would whisper, “oh how I love you, and I am praying for you”. I would just melt when I heard those words, because I knew they were so true. We as a family have lost our prayer warrior. You were so faithful in praying for your family, and as I have gone through trials in my life, I knew that I had my grandmother praying to our God for me. I promise and hope that our family here today will do the same, and that is to pick up the torch where you have left off…and continue the legacy of love that you have shown us, and that we will pray for each other, and that we will reflect God’s love and character in our lives just as you have so faithfully done in your life.
I remember visiting you and Grandpa for a week in the summer one year and how you would always read your Bible in the morning after breakfast. How precious that memory is in my heart today. I know that God’s Word was deep in your heart, and my love for God and His Word was learned in part by your steadfast example.
Thank you for your talents of sewing and giving to your family. I learned how to sew a simple hem from you Grandma…and sadly must say that is all I ever learned to sew was a hem. I remember going to the Dime Store here in Marion and picking out material to sew something nice for my mom with your help. One memory that I love to tell about you is how you made your grand-daughters bedspread quilts one year when I was nine years old. We all received these adorable quilts with matching pillowcases. I remember mine was pink and Marie’s was peach …our favorite colors. I LOVED that quilt. One month after we received those quilts our house burned down….destroying everything in our house. Months later, you and Grandpa came to visit and you had remade our quilts! To this day, I have that quilt! I will treasure it always. Someday…it will be on Norah’s bed. Thank you Grandma for that gift times two!

My immediate family knows I have a strange obsession with an ugly afghan blanket. It is burnt orange and cream and unravaling more everyday. I just love that blanket….that is the blanket you gave me when I was visiting at your house sometime after the house fire. You knew I had one somewhat like it that my mom had made me…so you gave me this one…you said it was an old afghan you had lying around. Oh how I adore that silly blanket. I am not ashamed to say that thing has been to Hawaii, Africa, Costa Rica, and by my side whenever I am just hanging around at home. Its literally a part of me…just like you are Grandma. You are in me…and each one of our family members here today. We will move on with our lives, carrying the memories and gifts that you have given us. Thank you for investing so quietly, faithfully, and always lovingly in our lives.

As I end this letter, I want to say that I love you and have always respected you as a person, a mother, and especially as a Grandmother to me, and my daughter Norah. Norah knows that Grandma Opal is in Heaven. She said to me just the other day. “I want to go to Heaven to see Grandma Opal”. Oh, how I pray for that to happen. I will teach my sweet daughter the truths of God’s Word just as you did with us so that she will have the opportunity to see you again in Heaven. Norah was named “Norah Opal” not by coincidence, but out of love, respect and honor of you. In Proverbs 31, it says “her children will rise up and called her blessed, there are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all”. How true that verse is today. We as a family rise up today and bless you Grandma. You are a special woman who will be greatly missed.

I will see you soon, I have no doubt about that. I have the peace that passes all understanding, and the faith to know that one day I will see you again, and that we will spend eternity together.

With all my love,
Your grandaughter,