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Tim and Angela were married in Tim’s childhood church. How sweet is that…and wonderfully sentimental for them both. Knowing that, we decided to do their “first look” inside the church for them to have that special moment together before the wedding. It was one of the most precious first looks we have seen in a while. Tim was quite emotional with the anticipate of seeing his bride. There is no greater compliment a groom can give us bride than tears of joy when he sees her.

Enjoy learning more about this very kind and loving couple….we have sure enjoyed getting to know them!

The doorway of the sanctuary was a great spot for this bride's dress picture!

  • We were set up on a blind date at a bowling alley. Angela picked the day of the date but is insistent she didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. We spent most of the night playing the Jurassic Park arcade game then talked for 3 hours after we ran out of game money.

First looks are emotional for the groom.

Happy couple after seeing each other before they walk down the isle.

  • Yes, when we went skiing together the week after Christmas. It was below zero the evening we went and Angela was getting sick beforehand. Angela suggested we skip but I insisted as I was planning on proposing. I popped the question in the parking lot while we were both shivering and the ring did not fit because Angela’s fingers were so swollen from the cold. Afterwards we went back to celebrate Christmas and the engagement with family.

Magical light coming through the stained glass of the church helped create magical images of the bride and groom

Bride and groom getting cozy on the front steps of the church

Tim: I adore Angela’s selflessness. She cares deeply for everyone around her and always does her best to help and be present no matter the circumstances. When we were dating her caring nature was evident when she drove across town to bring me food and spend the day with me while I was sick (and definitely not fun to be around). It is especially evident seeing how she cares for her students, using her own money to buy them books specific to their interests to make sure they stay engaged and continue to learn.
Angela: I love how genuinely caring and generous Tim is. He always makes what I care about in any given moment a priority, and looks for ways to surprise me and make my life easier in any way he can. But I especially love that he does the same for others. It is easy to see that he finds joy in things like surprising family members with thoughtful gifts, assisting coworkers even when his workload is heavy, and tipping servers more than is expected. He never sees helping others as a sacrifice, and actively seeks out ways to show people how valuable they are.

Ring pics are always a treasured keepsake.

  • We love to play games, see movies, hike and camp, travel, and debate who has more Harry Potter knowledge.

The church's red brick provided a beautiful images of the bride and groom

The red brick of the church made these images pop!

Fun bridal party shots on the steps on the church.

  • After the first look and the first round of pictures we stole away together and spent some alone time up in the church’s balcony. It was nice in the midst of an exciting day to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. This was both of our favorite moment.

Love the reactions of grooms when their bride makes her way down the isle.

Up close and from the balcony, we could tell this couple couldn't stop smiling at eachother.

  • We wish we had more time to celebrate with our loved ones at the reception.

Kiss the bride!

From the balcony of the church we could get this image of the bride and groom after saying I DO!

  • Once we left reception we both talked through the details of the day from our individual perspectives. We definitely recommend this because it helped us remember as much of the day as possible.

Sometimes you just find the perfect light in an alley.

  • We spent the first couple days hiking in the Smoky Mountains, then visited Nashville for the rest of the trip.

The church had a beautiful stairway for this portrait of the bride and groom.

So happy to married! Check out those smiles!

  • In the past year we both had tough circumstances present themselves from other areas of life. We were able to support each other even as we both navigated our own challenges.

Tender moments of the newly married couple at a local park after the ceremony.

  • Last year we went wine tasting in Traverse City. We made a slightly impulsive purchase of a very expensive bottle of wine. Despite the temptation to open it throughout the year, we saved it for our wedding night. It was a great way to end an already fantastic night.

The baby blues in the bridesmaids dress and in the flowers really make this park photo look magical!

  • 1. Keeping our marriage grounded in our shared faith and commitment to God.

    2. Not letting days simply pass by but making each one as special as possible for each other and with each other.

  • 3. We both love to travel and want to make it a priority to visit as many new places as possible.

The groom stole one more kiss before he and his bride were introduced to their guests.

Dancing the night away.