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I grew up in a very small country town “up north” in northern/central Michigan. I have many great memories of my life on our little farm, my friends, my school, and my church. I moved away in 1998 when I pursued my career in physical therapy. I settled in here Kalamazoo, MI and as they say….”the rest is history”. Well…I always look back on those years quite fondly. Photography and facebook has allowed me to reconnect with many of my old friends. Isn’t facebook great! =) I was so honored with Erica and Jim asked me to photograph their adorable family. I have not seen Jim since highschool….and for me that was 14 years ago now. WOW!! That was kind of hard to swallow once I did the math! It was so fun to drive down those country roads again, so many memories. I hope that I can make several more trips up there to photograph more long lost friends….it is so worth the drive.
Thank you to Erica and Jim. Your boys are just so sweet and charming….it truly was my pleasure.