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I am such a big believer in getting updated family photos. Each year is our family policy!! Why, because our children will cherish these photos in 20+ years just as we do now. I look back at the very few family photos we have when I was growing up and really wish we had more. Most of the photos are from a church directory.,, all of us looking at the camera, awkward smiles, and dressed up. But…I cherish them for so many reasons…here are two big ones. My parents are divorced now, I know I will never get a family photo again of the five of us. And the other one is that when I was 10 years old…our house burned down and we lost everything including many photos.
We have our family session scheduled in June…I can’t wait. My blank walls in our new home are screaming for some photographs that show our family’s personality and love for each other.
Now on to some photos…here is the Rigby family…adorable little boys!! =) We did a fun slideshow of their session.
To check out their video, go to Rigby Family Video