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Randi (the mom) and I have known each other for 10 years now! Wow 10 years already!!! I met her when I moved down here to Kalamazoo in 1999. I think of how we all grown up and got married, and now have little toddlers running around. =) Randi is the wonderful wedding and event planner of TADA Event Planning, so if you need someone to help you get your wedding in order, and have amazing style call her…she is wonderful.
We have tried for a couple months now to do a family session with the wild family. =) And finally in June, we got it all to line up…as far as our busy schedules and healthy children.
I love how kids totally dictate a photoshoot. You just have to photograph the moments and let it happen. There is no way you can ask a two year and one year to sit, fold your hands and looks lovingly into the camera….yeah right! =) =) Well….at least I have not figured out how to do it…and honestly I do not think I would like that…because kids gives of some great material and those candid moments are so beautiful! So enough chit chat….here are some photos.
Thanks Randi!! Love you and your family!! =)