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The Best Props to Bring to Your Newborn Photography Session

Through the years we have been specializing in newborn baby photography sessions. We have discovered that every baby and their family is different and unique. Every family has a story to tell, and some love to incorporate their story or history into the newborn photos.

We love to encourage families to bring their own props or talk to us about creating a fun scene to make their vision come to life with their little newborn. We have lots of props at the studio for families to use for their session, and love to get creative with them to create set ups that parents love.

1. Family History

This first image is one that has gotten a lot of publicity in my community and to this date is still one of my favorite images I have taken. The mom say a similar image on Pinterest and asked if we could do something like it. I was thrilled to try and it turned out to be so adorable.

Daddy is a police officer and mom brought in this outfit for him.

This image below is another favorite of mine as this set up was in honor of this little baby’s great grandfather and his service to WWII. I know his great-grandfather personally, and it was a real treat to do this set up.

His little one’s daddy is a fire fighter. Parents will bring in different items and we will then set them up and add a cute baby. 😉

This image below is one that mom and dad really wanted because it is similar to an image I took on their wedding day with dad holding their wedding rings, and then a couple years later we were able to do this photograph with him holding their baby.

2. Sentimental Items 

This is the most popular prop that is brought in by parents for sessions. Usually it’s a blanket made by a loved one, and we then incorporate it with our props at the studio to create a sweet image that will be cherished by the one that made the blanket, the parents and someday down the road….the baby!

Mom asked that we incorporate her wedding dress with their newborn’s photography session. I love that she brought the veil as well. I just love this image as it is soft and feminine and one that mom just adores.

3. Stuffed Animals

Parents have lots of baby showers and receive some of the cutest stuffed animals for their babies and they will bring them in to us for a picture as well. Some may be all one type of animal like elephants, and others may be a combination of different animals. We have had moms bring in their childhood favorite stuffed animal and use that in a session as well. I love to create a gorgeous photograph using these types of props that we know everyone is going to love in the family.

4. Hobbies

These are always so fun to set up! Families will ask me “is it ok to bring in some items that my husband has for the shoot?” YES! The answer is always yes, and then we create from there!

Deer Hunter Newborn Photography Set up. Family brought in most of the props for this set up.


Detroit Tigers newborn photography set up. All props in this set up are available for use at the studio.

Fisherman Newborn Photography Set up. Dad brought in his fishing pole.

Bow hunter Newborn Photography set up. This is one that we did for this little guy and then two years later for his baby brother too so they have same images of them with their dad’s first love of hunting.

Mommy loved volleyball and brought in this volleyball and asked I do a set up with her baby girl.

Mom brought in these cute aviator glasses and wanted a simple pilot like set up. We have this hat at our studio available to use to our clients.


A newborn rainbow baby set up symbolizes a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant from natural causes. This is always a sweet and loving way to honor and remember a little one who is now in Heaven.

Rainbow Newborn Baby Photography Session in Kalamazoo Michigan

6. Fun Props

These set ups below were so fun as the parents came in and would say….”I know this is not your norm but can we use these?” I love it!!!

Dad loves his Star Wars and for the whole year I photographed this sweet baby boy we would do a Star Wars set up for each session.

The mom of this little Snow White reached out to us because she really wanted this exact set up with Snow White. She stated “I want Snow White and knew you were the photographer who could do this for me”. I was thrilled to be able to set this up for both of them.¬†

Mom owns several Biggby Coffee Shops and wanted to add a little coffee to her newborn photography session. It smelled so good as she brought in fresh coffee beans from her shop for this set up.