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We are in the midst of busy season here at my studio. I have seen a huge growth in my business this Fall, and we are thrilled about it…but boy are we working hard. I am so thankful for my post-processing queen, Dani. She comes into my studio with her adorable pregnant belly and she sits down and my computer and GETS IT DONE. Its a beautiful sight watching her fly through photoshop and getting through my to do list.We have not been able to keep up on this blog like we would like to because we have been so busy fulfilling print orders and designing Christmas cards…..but we promise to give the blog the attention it needs soon. Promise! 🙂

And now on to Leigh, she is my marketing and sales coordinator, so she allows me to shoot and edit more. My business has grown so much these last six months because of her, and I am so grateful. She is who my clients see after the photography session is over. She handles our ordering sessions and helps clients get that perfect wall portrait, and of course all the gift prints for friends and family.

All three of us love our jobs at our cozy little studio….but I think I can honestly say we are ready for the Christmas season to come around so we can just relax a little bit more. I could not do what I do and stay sane if it was not for these girls. I am so thankful for them!!

And since a blog is more fun with a photo….here is a photograph of my sweet little girls in their Halloween costumes…since I was so busy around Halloween and didn’t get to blog about Halloween night. Yeah, I know bad mommy….but they seem to not mind being blogged or not. Love these little sweet peas!