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Jayme and I worked hard. He works nights at a factory, and works every other weekend. So he only has four nights off a month. I own a small business, and anyone who owns their own business knows how amazing it is….yet it comes with a stressful “ball and chain”. We also are huge sports fans. We are huge Cubs fans, but overall we love baseball, and I have always enjoyed watching the Tigers. When the Tigers were playing the Yankees in NYC, I was watching them play game 2 and decided….I want to go to game 4. So I impulsively bought tickets (after asking Jayme of course). For you Tigers fans….you know that it took two nights to get to game 4….the first attempt was postponed to due weather. It was a crazy two days to get ourselves back to Detroit. It was so worth it though. We watched a fabulous game as the Tigers swept the Yankees to go to the World Series. (we won’t talk about the world series though….good grief that was rough.)

So today I want to say I am thankful for my very easy going husband who just “went with it” when I said “I WANT TO GO!!!”. 🙂 He knows that when I get it in my head, I make it happen or at least fight trying. God has blessed our marriage with health, jobs, beautiful children and SPORTS! Love you Jayme!