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 ✨Tara and Michael’s Bay Pointe Inn Wedding on Gun Lake✨

Have you ever met someone and thought instantly “I like her”….that is Tara! She has the most adorable infectious laugh and smile. When Michael was talking about how he met and fell in love with Tara at their ceremony, I was nodding along as I was photographing that moment when he said it was her laugh and her smile that he loved about her first, so so true! These two were all smiles, laughs, goofy faces and genuine hospitality to everyone on their wedding day. I hope they love their wedding preview below and we hope you all enjoy getting to know this sweet couple a little better and see why I truly love my job so much when I work with couples like this!!


Wedding dress displayed at Bay Pointe Inn Boathouse

Please tell us your love story….

Michael and I met the Fall of 2015 at Alexandria’s (a craft beer beer bar in town)! Our love for the gym, easily created a friendship and late night workouts at the gym became the usual for us! We then started dating January of 2016. Our second love was craft beer, Michael and I would travel all over Ohio and Michigan to drink craft beer on our days off together! We dated for 2 years, we were engaged for 1.5 years and we have been married for two weeks 🙂

Bridal jewelry and wedding rings Groom getting ready at Bay Pointe Inn Boathouse

How did he propose??

The Killer’s are Michael’s favorite band and he had never seen them in concert before. The Killer’s were in Detroit that winter so I surprised him with tickets to see The Killer’s for his birthday. Michael said it was the best gift he had ever gotten. Michael said he would never propose to a girl in Ohio so the concert in Detroit was his perfect chance. Michael proposed at The Killer’s concert on January 15, 2018 to his favorite song, “Runaways.” With the proposal set aside, it was the most amazing concert ever! But to top off the night, Michael gave me a beautiful diamond ring from Tiffany 🙂

Bride getting ready at Bay Pointe Inn Boathouse

What characteristic to you love most about each other?

  • My favorite characteristics of Michael are his work ethic and drive. He’s competitive heart always pushes him to work hard so he can better our lives, whether it be at work or in fitness! Not to mention, that butt though 🙂
  • My favorite characteristics of Tara’s would have to be her ability to always have a smile on her face, and how effortlessly she can turn any situation into a funny memory.

bride and bridesmaids at the boathouse at bay pointe inn

What are some fun things you love to do together?

Michael and I love to hangout with our two German Shepherds, Bane and Nova and play countless hours of frisbee in the backyard. Plus we LOVE going to the gym together. We also enjoy drinking margaritas and eat tacos with our friends 🙂 or traveling all over Michigan and Ohio (sometimes Florida and Washington) to go to different craft breweries.

wedding ceremony at bay pointe inn

What was the best memory of your wedding day for each of you?

Our wedding day was PERFECT!! My favorite memory of the wedding was seeing the happiness and smiles from Michael throughout the day! Besides Michael, my best memories was watching our friends and family laugh and dance with us throughout the evening! Michael says his best memory of the wedding was hearing Tara say I do.

wedding ceremony at bay pointe inn

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

Michael and I decided we wanted to get married in Michigan on a lake. So my sister-in-law (Nadya) and I traveled all over Michigan for months looking at different wedding venue. I choose Bay Pointe Inn because it was the most beautiful lake venue in Michigan! Not to mention how exceptional their communication and customer service was throughout the planning process.

Describe the feeling of your wedding day as you look back.

Happiness and love!! The amount of happiness I felt and the love streaming from Michael, my family and friends was an amazing feeling! It was hands down the BEST day of my life! I would relive that day a million times over.

If there was one thing you could change about the day what would it be?

I wouldn’t change a thing, it was perfect!

Any advice to other bride and grooms out there?

  • Enjoy every moment!
  • Don’t take things so seriously, it’s okay to laugh at your ceremony, you should be happy!
  • Don’t get caught up in the small stuff because no one notices anyways!
  • Take a deep breathe, smile and embrace the day!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We turned our wedding into a wedding weekend. We spend four days at Bay Pointe’s Boathouse Villa enjoying the lake with our family and friends instead of going on a honeymoon right away. We have plans to go on a honeymoon with just the two of us this Fall 🙂

Please add a wonderful special memory if you would like…

It’s more of a thank you! But I just want to make sure everyone knows how much Michael and I appreciated everyone being part of our special day! The memories we made at our wedding with our loved ones will forever be cherished in our hearts!

Every time I look back on your wedding day, I am overwhelmed with happiness and feelings of love 🙂 I know I already said this once but I will say it again… Our hearts are so full knowing that you have shared in this experience with us. Thank you so much for making the sacrifice to travel for our big day. We love each and everyone of you!! We hope you enjoyed our wedding weekend as much as we did! We look forward to making many more memories with all of you! Thank you for making our wedding day full of happy memories!

Please list the top three priorities in your life as a couple together now. Things you will strive for together each day….

  • LOVE & Happiness
  •  Trust & communication
  •  Compromise (I couldn’t name just three.)

Any words of advice  to other couples thinking of choosing us to be their photographer?

I absolutely LOVED Melissa Gregersen Photography! Melissa was one of the top reasons my wedding was so perfect! I feel in love the first time I saw her pictures. From the second, Melissa told me that Bay Pointe Inn was one of her favorite wedding venues to shoot at, I knew I had to have her as my photographer. We had a blast getting our engagement pictures done, her personality fit well with ours. We are kind of goofballs and spend a lot of time being silly and laughing a lot and she dealt with us perfectly and embraced our personalities. Not only are her pictures phenomenal but she was so helpfully through the wedding planning progress. She helped me plan out my wedding day so that everything went seamlessly with pictures and she works quickly and efficiently. She made sure she was aware of all the photos I wanted and didn’t miss a perfect chance for a beautiful picture! I would HIGHLY recommend her to everyone 🙂

Vendor List….

Venue: Bay Pointe Inn 

Photography: Melissa Gregersen Photography

DJ: Moments In Time Disc Jockeys, LLC

Florist: Something Borrowed Blooms

Officiant: Earthbound Weddings

Bridal Salon: The Gown Shop Bridal