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I have worked long and hard this summer…no one in my family will deny that! I have so blessed with my business and love being able to do photography. I also love fun girl clothes. I remember before I started my business and before I even had Norah going into GAP kids and just drooling over the adorable clothes. I am a frugal person and could never imagine spending $40 on a little dress!! However, now that I have the cutest little girl out there and have a camera…I just can’t help myself. So I did something I never thought I would do….I went to GAP kids and bought a $40 dress for Norah because I wanted to…no other reason. I liked it and wanted it! I NEVER do that, but this photography bug in me made me do it!! =)
So after we got home from the mall with a new outfit, I pulled out my camera to make it all worth it in my eyes. Norah just loved her outfit and actually cooperated! At least to the point of not getting my so frustrated that I would start throwing bribes and threats in one sentence at her. Its amazing how that adorable little girl can push my buttons!

Here are a couple photos we got yesterday evening…..I am so thankful that I now can spoil Norah every once in a great while (ok lets admit it, I am spoiling myself too…I just can’ resist girl’s clothes).
Life is good. I have a great job, a supportive husband who lets me pursue my dreams and splurged on Norah every so often, and I have a daughter who is way too cute. yes, I am blessed.