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I feel so bad for neglecting my blog these last few weeks. I have always said I would be a “faithful blogger”. (gulp)….I’m sorry. =(
I do have a good reason though. Morning sickness has invaded my body….more like all day and night sickness. My little baby is being very selfish and taking all my energy and making me so ill. I keep telling myself that its worth it for a healthy baby….I have to tell myself that often though I must admit. =)
May is my “kickoff” month for the summer busy season. Really excited about what all is to come. Here is a quick peak at a little seven month cutie I photographed this morning….OUTSIDE!! It was so nice to be able to go outside and photograph in the morning again. Nothing better than outdoor photos….nothing.
I will do my best to not neglect my blog like I did these last few weeks….I will have plenty of photos to be posting on here soon. =)