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The Hidden Vineyard has honestly the best to offer for an outside Michigan wedding. It’s beautiful with it’s rustic barn, and the ceremony site is so unique how it is set up under a gorgeous large tree. I love how they can turn a barn into an elegant wedding reception. It truly is a gem out in the fields of West Michigan, but aren’t most gorgeous places that way….you have to drive out to them and it’s always worth the drive!

Shelby and John have a fun story to tell….and I going to let let them tell it below for you all. I can’t wait to show them all their wedding images, they are so pretty!!

Beautiful Rustic Barn Wedding at Hidden Vineyard

Please tell us your love story….how did you meet?

We met when we were at the mall in high school. I was 14 and he was 15. We were “friends” for about 4 months before I officially called him my boyfriend. We will be celebrating 10 years together in October.


Was there an official proposal?

Yes, we were in Mexico for a wedding when he proposed. The proposal took place in a gazebo by the beach while family and friends were “taking pictures of us”.

What characteristic to you love most about each other?

  • I love Johns smile and laugh the most. He has a way of making people feel comfortable and has a truly contagious laugh.
  • I love shelby’s personality and intelligence. She’s my best friend and smartest person I know. Plus she’s drop dead gorgeous.

What are some fun things you love to do together?

We mostly enjoy spending time with our dog Luke and kitten Oliver. That may mean going on walks or fishing at the pond or sitting on the couch watching tv.

Let’s talk WEDDING! 🙂 What was the best memory of your wedding day for each of you?

  • The best memory for me was walking down the isle and seeing him standing there. I was extremely nervous, but as usual, once I saw him I began to relax.
  • For me it was standing under the tree and finally marrying my best friend and partner.

Please add a wonderful special memory if you would like…

We have a lot of memories together but the most memorable ones were when we first met. We would meet at the mall or movies almost every weekend with our friends because I wasn’t allowed to date yet. Little did my mom know I would be marrying that boy one day.

Why did you choose Hidden Vineyard as your wedding venue?

I found the venue on the internet. I tried soo hard to find a different venue that was closer per the request of many many guests, but I just couldn’t find any other place that fit my image of perfection.

What is your biggest accomplishment together so far?

We have basically accomplished everything in our lives together from graduating high school and earning our bachelor degrees. Starting our careers and buying our first house we can truly call our own. And now marriage! We will hopefully have more to come 🙂


Describe the feeling of your wedding day as you look back…

  • Looking back, I feel proud of our relationship the most. We have definitely had a lot of struggles that a lot of couples don’t go though before marriage. But we overcame them and were able to make it. I also feel happiness for all of the support and love that surrounded us on that day.

If there was one thing you could change about the day what would it be?

Everything was flawless in my eyes. It exactly matched my dream. If I would change anything, it would be my time management leading up to the wedding.

Any advice to other bride and grooms out there?

ASK FOR HELP. There is no shame in asking if help isn’t offered first. I am extremely appreciative of my mom for all of her help. If it wasn’t for her, I would have done everything myself because I’m not very good at following my own advice.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We went to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. It was absolutely beautiful and highly recommended.

1. Spend necessary time together

2. Succeed in our careers

3. Make sure our babies Luke and Ollie have an amazing life


What about Melissa Gregersen Photography??

I think both of you did an amazing job. You were very professional and knew EXACTLY where and when to take the best pictures. I felt that you really worked with us and individuals, not just a straight forward photo shoot and that you’ve done a million times.


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