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Last week, my sweet friend Holly asked me to help her photograph a wedding in South Haven at “Lake Bluff Inn“. The weather did not look good at the start of the day, it was very gloomy, cloudy and even raining a little. As I drove out to South Haven, I was nervous…because it was an outdoor wedding. When we got there, it started to clear up and actually turned into a beautiful evening for the wedding.

I had so much fun shooting along side my friend. We enjoyed comparing photos we had taken. Holly is an amazing photographer and I always learn something new when I work with her.

I need to make sure to thank my wonderful husband, Jayme, for coming out to South Haven during the ceremony because I locked my keys in the van! Fortunetly I had my camera with me..but still the poor guy  had to drive out there and unlock the van for me. I am so thankful for him, he was a lifesaver! Love ya honey! =)
So here are some photos I took of the day….lovely wedding!!