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Room Views

Our boutique studio specializes in wall art in your home. What is wall art? Wall Art is photographic images made into gorgeous art pieces that will be displayed in your home for years and years to come. We work very hard to make sure your photographs look perfect in your home….we go way beyond the typical 8×10 and 5×7 prints.

We offer several beautiful options for your wall art such as:

Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Fine Art Acrylic, Fine Art Metal Prints,  Fine Art wrapped “float mounts”, and standout mounted photographs.

Our goal is to make sure (whatever type of wall art you invest in) is a perfect fit in your home. That can be one large piece or the very popular collages. We can custom design wall art collages for you, and even show you exactly what they will look like in your home, so you are confident and thrilled with your decision when you leave our studio.

We ask that each of our clients take a quick photo of the room or rooms they are planning to hang their wall art in. Just follow these simple steps!

1.Tape a piece of paper on the wall you are photographing….or set it on top of something (like a couch or table) so we can see the paper in the photo.

2 Take a photo that includes the wall corners of the wall you are photographing.


3. Email the photo or photos of the rooms to our studio address of [email protected]

That way we can work our magic and calibrate the room to the exact size. We calibrate a room by having you place that piece of paper (8.5×11 printer paper) works some where in the image and take the photo.  Then we can measure that paper and “its magic”! We can then design some collages for you so that you have lots of a great options to see how your photographs can go from images to wall art!

So please do your homework, you will not regret it. Our clients LOVE this extra bit of service to help them decide what is “perfect” for their home.

Here is an example of my dining room and how we ask for you to take the picture.


Here is a “before” photo…make sure the edge of the wall you want to have images hung on is showing…so you get a good idea how it looks. You can set a piece of paper or a ruler (or tape it to your wall) on the table and then we can use that to measure your room to make sure you are seeing the most accurate sizes when we display your photographic art.


Here is the “after photo”….we determined that a 24×24 gallery wrapped canvas and two 16×16 canvases were the perfect fit for the dining room. When we know the colors and style of your rooms, we can then our best to make your photographic art fit just perfect in there.