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Pat and Rochelle’s wedding was ….. lovely. I was so inspired by her decor and attention to the details. Her colors were yellow and gray, so modern, simple, and classy. Rochelle and Pat are lovers of books!! Rochelle works for a publishing company in Manhattan, NY. I love her table decor. with the antique books and simple flower arrangements…it was perfection. I must comment on their wedding invitations, best I have ever seen hands down. Great job you two!! =)
The whole bridal party was so kind and fun, we had a great afternoon together walking the streets of Ann Arbor, and of course they were up for anything. I have to thank whoever got us all pizza after we finished those photos and had it hot and ready for us when we got back on the trolly! THANK YOU!! This pregnant lady needed some food at that point and time!! =)
The reception was at the historical “CobbleStone Farms”. Beautiful place for a reception and it matched Pat and Rochelle’s vision of their wedding day so well. I really enjoyed the natural settings of the place…it was the first time I had been there, and I love going to new venues and finding great spots for photos.
I have to thank Derek Cookson and photographer and friend of mine from the Detroit area for second shooting with me….he was such a huge help and got us some amazing images. Thank you Derek!!
Here are some of my favorites of the beautiful wedding day….if you would like to see their complete slideshow click here.