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Remembering My Mom~ Marcia Blissett

My mom, Marcia Blissett, was born and raised in the little town of Dollar Bay, Michigan. She had a great childhood from all the stories she told me growing up in that little town. Her parents were Harry and Eveylyn Nye, my beloved grandparents. My grandmother died in 1995 and my grandfather died in 2014. Never did I expect to be typing a memorial for my Mother in 2017. However, God knew her life was to be “short” on this earth, and even though we miss her dearly and wish we could of had more time, we know she lived the life she was created to live on this earth.

I am posting this blog and memorial of my mom on what we would be her 63rd birthday. She died one week short of this special day. It’s the first birthday I will not be able to call her and say Happy Birthday or send her a card to say “I love you mom”… I want this blog post to be her special birthday present today….her first birthday in Heaven.

1. She was one of the strongest believers (God-follower) I have ever known. She truly loved and followed God. She was a faithful reader of His Word….and truly showed how much of a deep relationship she had with God. It was never a religion for her, it was a relationship. I remember many times when I was struggling and would reach out to her and her advice was always the same and saying “Melissa, are you reading the Word”? There is another memory when she was visiting me at my church, Northbridge Church, and she came to our moms group many many years ago and we were talking about the different struggles as moms and the demands and schedules we all try to keep. At the end of the discussion, she said (I am paraphrasing)…..”Through it all, stay in the word of God. It’s all that matters as time goes by, it will get you through anything and everything.” I am clinging to that advice once again as I am reading my Bible and being encouraged by God’s promises during the loss of her on this earth.

2. She was competitive. Yes, she enjoyed sports. She really didn’t or couldn’t play sports due to her being born blind in one eye (that really affects one’s depth perception 😉)…however, I remember she really enjoyed watching hockey, thanks to the influence of Michigan Tech and the history of hockey up in the Keewena Peninsula where she was from. She also enjoyed watching us kids play sports. I really enjoyed playing volleyball and that all started when I was in 5th grade, and she would encourage me to practice all the time. In high school she and my dad was allow me to go to a volleyball camp in Wisconsin every year to improve my skills….I am so thankful for that….I have so many wonderful memories from those camps and I am sure it was at their sacrifice. She would come to every game and cheer me on. I know for a fact because my dad would videotape the games and I would hear her cheering for me in the background.

3. She was compassionate with a good dose of humor and sarcasm. A memory of that is when I was 10 years old, and my sister and I took the 4-wheeler out to the back pond on our property and were ice skating (with out skates) and working on our triple twists…..ok maybe a half twist. Well, I didn’t land mine well and face planted it on the ice landing first with my chin and split it open. I drove the 4-wheeler back to the house and Marie ran inside in hopes to not see mom and brought out a bunch of toilet paper for me since I was bleeding pretty good at that point. Well, mom figured it out (mainly because Marie left a path of toilet paper to me) and took a look at my chin and said “well we are just going to have to wait for your dad to get home and to take you in to the ER”….she then went in the den and started playing the piano. Some parents would freak out at the sight of blood….not mine, she just got me a wet washcloth, rolled her eyes and went back to what she was doing. 😉 Just so you all know I was ok, I did end up for about 6 stitches and still have a pretty impressive scar.

4. If she saw a need she would try to fill it. She led many Bible studies, substitute taught at our little Christian school when they were in need of a Science teacher, and even helped coach our volleyball teams as needed. She volunteered her skills at a nurse to the camps we would go to, and even at our school.

5. We had one really fun evening when we surprised my mom with a birthday party for her 50th! Her friends and John helped us kids pull it off. She was so surprised and we had fun reminiscing and telling funny stories about our mom to everyone. I hope she knew how much she was loved that night….she looked so happy having her loved ones there, so I am guessing she knew. 💕

6. In highschool, I remember I could always find her in her gliding rocking chair looking out the back window to our woods, drinking her coffee, reading her Bible, and every other Saturday morning talking to her mom on the phone. I now have that gliding rocking chair at my photography studio and use it when I am working on my laptop there. That rocking chair is such a comfortable place for me, and instantly reminds me of my mom. I sadly do not drink coffee or no longer can call her on the phone any more, but I will do my best to read my Bible and learn more about God each morning and follow her example.

7. She and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Hawaii together in 2004. Just the two of us with my cousin’s Senior class trip. It was such a fun trip along side my mom. Its a time that I now cherish and am so glad we chose to do. We are pretty practical people and almost talked ourselves out of going, and I am so glad we did not. It was a trip full of wonderful memories.

8. She was blessed by her husband John. He was the most caring, devoted and compassionate husband to her through these difficult years of her declining health. They truly loved each other deeply and it showed even more this last year as John cared for my mom’s needs and comfort. Thank you John, you were such a blessing to her and to our family…we all love Grandpa John and your legacy as a devoted husband will not be forgotten.

She was an amazing lady and mom. She adored her grandchildren and they loved her dearly as well. She gave my girls their Snuggle teddy bears that have become our 3rd and 4th children…our girls have loved and snuggled their “Snuggles” since they were babies. Noelle is so addicted to hers so much that little bear is falling apart….but no way will we ever replace him since he was a gift from Grandma Marcia.

My mom went through so much physically these last few years of her life…but I am at peace (even through the tears) knowing that she is happy, whole and in the presence of God. I will honestly miss her everyday but know without a doubt that I will see her again in Heaven. Through it all, God is good.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and miss you.

PS….I wrote a blog post about my mom’s diagnosis a couple months ago….if you would like to read that please click here.