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We are so excited to share this special couple’s love story with everyone, please enjoy reading about all the fun details of their day…it was amazing and I am so honored to have been a part of it! Every bride wants a memorable wedding and the brides who study other weddings to create their perfect day know that three elements create timeless memories.

So here is Dallas and Quanteec’s Wedding Story to Help You Make Your Wedding Memorable…who doesn’t love to read a good love story?


Dallas and Quanteec romantically wed amid friends and family draped gloriously in the Kalamazoo skyline on May 14, 2016. An exquisitely elegant wedding trimmed in ivory and black was alive with class and elegance.

Their timeless romance began in elementary school when Dallas caught Quanteec’s eye wearing a newspaper print suit to school.  Dallas and Quanteec had a special relationship from that point on.  They began officially dating their senior year of high school.  On July 5, 2012, on a drive out to South Haven, Michigan, Dallas sent out a text to his siblings with a picture of an engagement ring.  On the lighthouse pier washed in summer sunshine; she said, “yes.”  Dallas leans back and infectiously laughs when he says, “she always had an eye for me”.  I think they’ve always had eyes for each other.

Capturing their romance led wedding plans to Loft 310 and the Skydeck. They loved the modern yet classic feel that Loft 310 offers.   The bridesmaids began their day early pampered in the Penthouse Suit at Loft 310.  Kahtie Cooks brought out a breakfast brunch while their stylist from Detroit, Luxury Hair by Nae, was putting the finishing touches on their hair.  The Bride styled with master artist Steve Darden of Exquisite Hair Design. Dallas’ finishing touches were a masculine fitted tux white tux jacket trimmed in black with black pants complementing his sharp, clean cut from Campus Cuts at Main Attraction.

Now on to the ceremony.  They were ready for that one very special moment where time stands still.  “When I saw her coming down the aisle, …Amazing,….” recalled Dallas. Dallas punctuated heart-melting moment with emotion.  When “I saw him, he cried,” said Quanteec.  Their vows written just for each other sealed to the couple’s perfect romance.

Their wedding represents the love they share together.  Dallas and Quanteec chose vendors and design elements that expressed their love to one another.


We loved how they planned their wedding by filling it with a twist of the unexpected.

The interesting surprise for Dallas began one year before the wedding when Quanteec found the perfect wedding dress a Rene Austin Wedding in Grand Rapids.  The surprise was twofold.  The perfect dress was only the second dress Quanteec tried on and was well within her dress budget. Later, Quanteec was in Memories Bridal and Evening Wear in Kalamazoo with a bridesmaid when she saw another dress.  Another perfect dress.  She had to have this one too!

You can imagine Dallas’ surprise at the reception when after cutting the cake his bride disappeared for a moment only to be announced in grand entrance form in a different dress.  He was amazed by the first dress, and he melted at the sight of his new wife in the second.

The surprise did not end.  After the couple had landed in Chicago from their sun-filled relaxing honeymoon at the Royal Suites Turquesa by Palladium in Punta Cana, Dallas surprised Quanteec with tickets to Beyoncé.

How will you bring the unexpected into your special day?  Think big or think small.  The surprise does not need to be a second wedding dress.  Although we think that is really cool! The memorable moment is in the element of surprise.


Perfect planning makes a perfect day.  Never tire to get the details right before the wedding.  Dallas and Quanteec worked closely with each of their vendors to ensure details were in place and that they could relax and enjoy their wedding.  Events by iCandy designed all of their wedding details and Dorothy’s Floral Studio brought the full bloom to the bouquet, corsages, and fresh garden style arrangements.  Their wine bottle favors for their guests were from their favorite winery, Tempo Vino.  Every detail was just right.

We agree with Dallas and Quanteec’s advice.  They say advise future brides to design the day of your dreams in all the detail and then relax and enjoy.  The more that you can enjoy the wedding you created and celebrate the goals you’re pursuing with that special person for the rest of your lives, the more memories you will make on that day. Now comes the fun part of looking through all the images of their day below….Enjoy! 🙂

– Melissa Gregersen


Beautiful bride…check!!

Skydeck, Loft 310 Kalamazoo Michigan Wedding Photography

Quanteec….you are STUNNING!!!

Skydeck, Loft 310 Kalamazoo Michigan Wedding PhotographySkydeck, Loft 310 Kalamazoo Michigan Wedding Photography

LOVE the bling and details. Perfection!



Handsome groom and adorable baby groom….YUP!


I just love this image below of Dallas watching Quanteec walk down the aisle towards him….so much love and emotion right there.



Was it windy there? I didn’t notice?? (haha) Folks, it was crazy windy and cold, but Quanteec and Dallas had way better things on there mind than the weather!



Now on to the reception….wow….so pretty and sophisticated!


It’s all about the bride!!!!!



Look at Dallas’s face!!! He ADORES this woman!! 🙂


7horizontal8horizontal10horizontal3verticalsreception 1


This is not the end….though these images below are our well known “night shots”…..we plan to do a stylized photo shoot later this Summer together, so excited to have them get dressed up again and have them all to myself to create some gorgeous photographs they will cherish for a lifetime.

Again, I am so blessed to be a part of Quanteec and Dallas’ life as their photographer. It truly is a honor. Much love and hugs to you both!



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