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I taught a small workshop at my studio a couple weeks ago. It was so fun to see the new photographers there with all their ambition and passion for photography. I fondly remember going to Holly Henderson’s workshop two years ago and how much she inspired me and gave the kick in the pants I need to propel myself into this business. Workshops are the best, they are like a “shot in the arm of knowledge and experience”. I love attending workshops when I can (and afford)…and found that I really love teaching others the skills that have literally changed my life.

I had two super fun models that day, Nicole and Megan. They did amazing. Nicole has modeled for me many times and she is always solid! =) Megan is a true beauty, and I am thrilled she was able to come. She was one of my fabulous seniors I photographed this past year. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Thanks to everyone that day…we had fun didn’t we!! =)