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I remember my last week of pregnancy with Noelle (actually turned into two weeks, since she decided to hang out inside a little longer) I did not feel pretty or elegant and definitely not photogenic! This pretty mama that came to us last week was already two days past her due date and wearing the cutest dresses and even high heels! She truly GLOWED! I was so impressed and a little jealous! 🙂 And to top it all off….I just found out they left the studio and went right to the hospital and she gave birth to a little boy at midnight! 🙂
It was a fun session in our new shooting space….this was our first maternity session in there. Looking forward to many more mommy to be sessions in the future.
Enjoy the photographs, and if you are a pregnant mommy please consider photographing this special time in your life….you may not “feel like it”….but we women truly to “glow” when we are pregnant!


Look for newborn photographs in the next few weeks…they are scheduled to come in next week! 🙂



The whole reason I got my new shooting space was this window!!! I love playing with it!

Black and white is becoming a new favorite for me in my clean crisp studio.


This baby is already so loved!


Really?!?! You could not be more beautiful!!!


I love the “sweetness” of these last photographs.