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This little beauty came in to our photography studio for her one year photography session with us. She had the most adorable pink outfits. Mom brought in this adorable teepee and we loved it so much that we purchased one for our studio shortly after this session. So if you love this teepee and would like to do a session with us in the future, let us know to pull it out for you….its so pretty!!

One year old baby girl with lace teepee for photography session at Gregersen Photography Studio

Look at her adorable little teeth coming in. It’s so sweet to see their smiles and grins and those little teeth!! Oh how we love photographing little ones here at Gregersen Photography.

One year old baby girl dressed in pink dress and pearls for one year old photography session at Gregersen Photography

This pink floral photography backdrop is one of our favorites and it brought it out for several sessions with little ones coming in this Spring and Summer. It goes so well with the soft pink, mint, and off white colors.

Pink dress and pearls

We ended the session with a cake smash. She wasn’t to sure about the cake. Some babies get overwhelmed by the frosting, whether its the texture or the sweetness of it. So a tip we suggest is go really light on the frosting of a cake…or consider a “naked” cake…with no frosting on the outside….or very minimal amounts. They are quite the rage now “naked cakes”. 🙂

We have photographed a lot of one year old sessions through the years and just love them so much. It’s such a wonderful age and stage and one that needs to be celebrating as babies turn quickly into toddlers!! 💕

Cake smash photography session with gold and pink colors