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It’s Time to Learn Photography! We are offering classes, tutoring sessions and even a workshop to help you on any level of your photography journey.

{offered by Gregersen Photography, LLC}


We are so excited about offering these classes to our wonderful West Michigan community this Winter and Spring….so check out the details below to decide which class is best for you! 


Mommy Photography Class on Feb. 17th, 2018: $50 per person.

This is by far our most popular class. This class is geared towards moms with cameras, but it is open to anyone who has a DSLR camera and would like to learn the basic camera settings of aperture, Fstops, shutter speed, ISO and white balance….and get out of the auto mode. This is a 2.5 hour class and we teach you LOTS of information in a fun easy to learn way!! Click here for more details and to buy your ticket for the class. 

Off Camera Lighting Class on March 3rd, 2018: $250 per person.

This is a workshop type class for photographers that want to learn how to use their flash without fear. We will start with learning sync speeds, ETTL vs. manual flash, multiple flash usage, color gels, modifiers and the how and when to make these all work to create a beautifully lit image. We will also demonstrate studio lighting to compare the difference between flash and strobes. The second 1/2 of this workshop will be hands on with me demonstrating and then practicing with models with me by your side to ensure you know how to use your equipment. You must have good working knowledge on manual camera settings. Click here to learn more and buy your ticket for this workshop.  

Beyond the Basics Photography Class on March 15th, 2018: $95 per person.

This class is for those that know their camera settings and want to take the next step and go just beyond the basics. I will be covering lenses, more camera settings,  flash (on camera and off camera), understanding light (natural and indoors), and photographing a live model along side me. We will have an extended Q and A time, so bring your questions and I will give you answers. You must have a basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO camera settings to have this class be beneficial for you. If you attended my “mommy photography class” before, then this class would be the next step in your photography education journey. Click here to buy your ticket for this class. 

One on One Tutoring Sessions by appointment: $250/person.

These tutoring sessions are very popular. I can only offer them through April due to our photography business demands and season ramping up in May. These tutoring sessions are such a great way to learn a lot in just one 2 hours session alone with me, Melissa. I love this type of learning so that it is focused on what you need to learn “next”. The most popular topic is all about business (pricing for profit, starting a business tips and tricks, editing, workflow, marketing). We send you a questionnaire once you book your session with me to help you and I know what to focus on during the tutoring session. To book this session or ask more questions, please email us at [email protected]

Newborn Photography Mentoring Session by appointment: $495/person.

This is a wonderful way to hone in on our newborn photography skills. It is actually pretty technical to do instudio newborn posing. In this three hour session, I will show you how I set up each session to prep for the newborn’s arrival. We will have a sweet newborn model come in to be photographed. We will focus on four main poses and then add different variations to create good variety in a gallery. You will assist me during the session working and posing the baby, and even be able to use your camera and photograph the newborn as well with me beside you and coaching you through the session. I will show you how I light each set up with our studio strobe light. If you would like to book this mentoring session, please email us at [email protected] to start the process of setting this session up. 

Please note all tutoring sessions are scheduled during the week-usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays as my schedule allows. These tutoring sessions are available now (Jan.) through the end of April.