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I am happy to announce that we have set dates for the ever popular Mommy Photography Class. This is our 6th year offering this class and it sells out every time. So if you are a mom, dad, grandparent or just someone who wants to learn the basics of photography in one evening, you are welcome to sign up for this fun class. I will be teaching everyone the settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance) you need to set on your cameras to get a well exposed image. We will also discuss lighting, composition and how to interact with children. This class is set up for those with DSLR cameras like a “Canon Rebel”…..however, if you have a camera that has manual settings you will be able to learn a lot in one evening. I am an exclusive “Canon” photographer, if you have a Nikon or other brand, you are welcome to come; I just ask you bring your manual along to find the buttons and settings that I will be showing from my Canon cameras. There are two dates available. This is a ONE NIGHT class. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO OUR PHOTOGRAPHY EDUCATION PAGE AND LOOK FOR THE BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS!

We are adding on a new class this year! 

This class is for those that want to take the next step and go just Beyond the Basics. I will be covering flash (on camera and off camera), understanding light (natural and studio), and photographing a live model along side me. We will have an extended Q and A time, so bring your questions and I will give you answers. You must have a basic knowledge of aperature, shutter speed, and ISO camera settings to have this class be benifical for you. **If you attended my “mommy photography class” this class would be the next step in your photography education journey.** PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO OUR PHOTOGRAPHY EDUCATION PAGE AND LOOK FOR THE “BEYOND THE BASICS” CLASS”.