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I was invited by my new photographer friends, Ryan and Holly Gauper, to a photo/model shoot in South Bend, IN with several other photographers. It was so fun. I was so impressed at how organized it was, and the best part…we were given our own models!! So I got to know Jamie very well in the morning…she was so fun to work with….I have the afternoon photos with Megan to go through yet…so I will get them on here ASAP. For you photographers out there….I am shooting with the new Canon 5D markII (love it!!) and my most bestest lens ever..the 50mm 1.2! I used a little video light as some fill as needed….but tried to do all the shot with the natural light or whatever light source I was given in the situation. Enjoy!
This photo is one of my favorites…I added some textures to it, and found a sweet spot of light right in front of the theater.
All natural light! =)
This photo has flash on it….10
This photo has flash on it….off camera.