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This week I will be “out of the office”. Actually, I will out of the country! My husband and I are taking a dream trip to Jamaica to celebrate our 10 years of marriage. We are beyond excited about this. I plan to go only as a wife and tourist… goal is to RELAX, PLAY and RELAX some more….all with my sweet hubby by my side.

So if you are wanting to get a hold of me….you will be able to get the next best thing. My assistants will be at the studio on limited basis this week, however they will be checking our emails frequently to make sure no one gets neglected this week. So please feel free to contact us through our website right here….or directly at [email protected]

If you would like to talk to someone this week, our Marketing and Sales Director, Leigh will gladly take your call and answer any questions you might have, here number is 269-352-0240

I will be back soon, relaxed….hopefully tan, and more than ready to hug my little girls!!