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I am thrilled to show off to you our new shooting space. Honestly, its not all done….I would say its about 90% done, it now needs those finishing touches on it to make it shine a little more. We plan to add more artwork and a couple pieces of furniture, however….this space is our “shooting space”. I have had so many requests to see photos….so here they are!!

This is where we are doing all our in studio sessions and we LOVE it. We also want to announce that we are renting out this space for small parties or showers such as a wedding or baby shower. So if you are looking for a great space right in downtown Kalamazoo, contact me….you can cater in your food and have a fun intimate party with family and friends.

Now…back to my love…photography! This space is just perfect for all my studio needs…..

I bought this cute little dresser at a used furniture shop in Plainwell…keeping it local!

I custom made this art piece myself (with the help of photoshop)….I think its a perfect motto for our shooting space.




The space is white and “clean”….we wanted it to have a comfortable yet refreshing feel to it. Like I said, it still needs a few pieces…

we just have to find those perfect accessories!

This is our shooting space (the hardwood floors) these were the original floors in the building. I was SHOCKED at how well they

were able to restore them. I thought they were way beyond repair, but I am thrilled to have them…I love all the different colors

in them. They are so beautiful!!


This glorious window is what sold me on this space! We LOVE working with this kind of natural light!!



Our March is almost completely booked (thank you to my wonderful clients)… if you are looking for a Spring session….please contact 

us soon. We look forward to working with you and creating some beautiful images in this space!!