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Growing up, my brother, sister and I had a best buddy….she was a Golden Retriever named Katie. She was lovingly called Kate or Kaway. We also had two cats we loved….well at least my sister and I did…”Carmy” and Socks”. I am not kidding when I say we have more photos of those three animals than us three kids growing up. I remember many times sneaking our cats (they were called barn cats, but my sister and I knew they were really part of the family and had no reason to be called “barn cats”) into the house and trying to get them to sleep with us in our beds….but as we all know cats are nocturnal and I would end of throwing them outside half way through the night when the novelty wore off of cuddling up with my cat all night long….instead they are climbing unto our dressers and knocking stuff off all night. Ahhh…good memories.
I photographed Jenny this past week for her Senior Photos, and she brought her sweet dog. She wanted a photo with her buddy. What a great idea. She will love that 15 years from now. I wish I had a professional photo taken of Katie….our dog and cats were such a big part of our lives as kids, and I am a big supporter of having a photo taken with your pet! So here is the photo….and I will post some more photos of this adorable girl later.