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Hello Handsome!! This little guy had the best hair for a newborn and lots of it. Dani and I kept commenting on his gorgeous head of hair. We love our job as we get to see so many newborns come through our studio and get to snuggle them during our two hours sessions. Rough…I know. 🙂 This family came to us after winning our GIRLS ON THE RUN donated session for their fund raiser. I love all that GIRLS ON THE RUN does our the girls in our fabulous community of Kalamazoo.

Now back to our little model….

Mr. Oliver was really not interested in relaxing for his photo shoot. We always have a few tricks up our sleeves to help them relax including going outside in the 90+ degree weather. He feel asleep so well as soon as we took him our side in that heat….meanwhile we were sweating and swooning over that ADORABLE baby in the cute basket. Again, great job I have here!!



Somebody was not sleepy.

My favorite image from the session. LOVE the sweet simplicity of this photograph.