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I have good reason for ignoring my blog this month. April has proven to be a busy, CRAZY month. We officially sold our house and moved into an apartment last week. When you sell your house in 5 days, its kind of tough to find what you are “dreaming of”. So instead of just settling on a house “just because”….we decided to move into an apartment for the summer and really take our time looking and deciding what we really want.
Last week was the big move. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Probably because of my morning sickness…..yup….we are pregnant! 8 weeks along!!! We are thrilled. The only issue is I am so sick I can hardly make it through my days. I do not recommend moving your family from a house into a small apartment (and your stuff into a storage unit) while you are 7 weeks pregnant and struggling to eat, drink….and just stay awake. But…with the help of friends (THANK YOU TO YOU ALL) it is done.
I am excited to get past this “sick stage” and just enjoy my pregnancy like I did with Norah.
Sorry….no pictures yet…we did get an ultrasound photo…but Jayme had no clue where the baby was even as I pointed it out to him….so I will just wait to post the next picture on here.
We are back to business as usual here at the studio. So if you are looking to have a photo session done this summer please give us a call. Only three more openings left in May!!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!