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We spent our Halloween weekend in North Carolina with my sister’s family.

When Norah saw Auntie Marie and Marshall at the airport….she was jumping up and down and squealing with joy. It was 12:30am and I thought for sure Norah would fall asleep on the way to their house that was a hour drive away. Oh no….she and Marshall giggled and teased each other all the way home. I was so exhausted but those two were gaining energy feed off of each other. =) How I wish they lived closer to us, I miss my family.

We had a fun evening of trick or treating with the kids. It was so neat to see my little girl run from house to house and get candy in her cute little costume. She struggled going up and down the steps of people’s houses in that long dress….but he pushed through, she wanted candy!!

I think that Norah was the cutest Cindarella out there…she soaked it on all…getting her hair done by Anutie, having real makeup put on, and then the crown! =) So precious!!

Enjoy the photos…and I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend.