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{Newborn Photography Tutoring Sessions with Gregersen Photography}

We had a great time at The Cheney Place on March 21st teaching newborn photography and how to tips on being a profitable small business! We first want to thank ColorInc again for being such a great sponsor and host. We have heard nothing but great feedback from those that came, and its the best feeling to know that we were able to teach a new technique or idea to another photographer friend.

We understand that you can not learn how to photograph newborn photography in a one night lecture….so we wanted to let everyone we offer Newborn Photography Tutoring sessions at our studio in Kalamazoo, MI. These sessions are geared towards what you need and want to focus on….whether that be image critquing, posing, wrapping, soothing, lighting, handling those itty bitty clients, workflow, session setup, in person sales and editing. If you are interested in signing up and going to the next level in your newborn photography, please contact us [email protected] for availability. 

REVIEW from recent newborn tutoring session: “This year I decided to start offering newborn portraits! But I knew I would need some help… you can’t just take your portrait knowledge and translate that to newborn photography. These are BABIES, people! They do not follow directions, they can’t be bribed, and they WILL poop on you without hesitation. And probably smile after it. This is a whole different ballgame, and I knew a YouTube tutorial couldn’t prepare me for that. So I reached out to some photographer friends to see if I could get connected with a hands-on newborn mentor near me for a 1:1. Everyone responded with: Melissa Gregersen! I don’t know about you, but to learn something new I have to SEE it, then DO IT myself. That’s what Melissa gave me the opportunity to do during my mentorship. She brought in a baby to model (so cute!), showed me all her secret ways, and then let me practice all the magic I just learned.The best part was that I left my mentorship with some amazing newborn portraits for my portfolio. I’m using these portraits to put out model calls so I can bring some newborn models into my own studio and practice everything that Melissa taught me. In a few weeks I’ll have a HUGE portfolio for my website, and I can start taking paying newborn clients! All because of what Melissa taught me in an afternoon.” Josh of Weiland Studios

Here are the details:

Sessions are up to four hours. We will put out a newborn baby model call so we can work together photographing a newborn baby together. Melissa will focus on the poses that you feel you need to perfect. This will be a one on one session….just you and Melissa. 

We are offering a special if you book your session in the month of April…we will offer an extra hour of tutoring! So up to five hours total!! 

Newborn Photography Tutoring