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I met this sweet family when this little lady was still in the womb! They chose to do the Adored Baby Plan with us which is our one year plan to photography little Elise through her first year of life.

This first set up is all about Spring and just a sweet natural look with lavender colors.

Newborn in neutral basket surrounded by daisies

Parents love this little pose, we call it the froggy pose or the “head in hands” pose. 💕SAFETY first with this and all poses. Babies do not hang out like this.

Newborn baby with pink bonnet in froggy pose and neutrals in a basket.

It’s always a joy to create images like these knowing these are their first “family portraits” together. How sweet is that. Knowing this little girl will look at these images and KNOW she is LOVED and ADORED!

First time parents showing the love for their newborn.

So many parents will hop on Pinterest to get ideas for their newborn session, and our studio is just fine with that. When parents reach out to us with a fun idea or vision of their own or on Pinterest, we will discuss the realistic option with them as far as what our studio has for props to use and what parents may need to purchase or bring of their own to the studio for the setup. We suggest you make sure you check out your photographer’s quality of work to ensure they can do what you are asking them to do since setups can be tricky and extensive. The key with creative setups is always safety first and the quality! Below our some examples of creative set ups we have done per parent’s requests or ideas.

Newborn in all soft pink wrap.

From colors to props choices, every family is different in their styles. It can be as simple as this with a little headband and a wrap, or a complete setup with lots of props. We want you to have images that you will love and cherish and represent your style.