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I have been working on my new website for a couple months now. I always start something like this thinking it will be fairly easy. NOT TRUE with this experience. I am a photographer, not a web. designer or web installer or anything that requires me needing to know what “name servers”are??? With the help of my geeky people, and I say that with all love and admiration, and even a little jealousy….my website is launched.

In the whole process, I had to give my blog a new “home” also, its now  so please change your RSS if you need to, because the old address is gone, dead….no more.

Please feel free to check out my new website at and let me know what you think.

And because blog posts are boring without photos….here is a photo a from Bill and Megan’s wedding from this summer…they just ordered this photo, so I was working on it. Ahh….summer, how I miss you. It was such a nice windy warm day that day.