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Recently, a friend of mine had her second baby girl. I asked her to come into the studio to let me “play with her”. 🙂 I had a couple new things I wanted to try out at the photography studio. Newborn photography is quite the learn art I have found, and I really enjoy doing it. Of course, each baby is unique and different….however we have been able to get even the fussiest babies to comply and eventually do things like sleeping in a hammock, or even smirking a little in their sleep. As always, its all about safety first with our little subjects and that is one of the reasons I asked my friend to come in to let me practice the “hammock pose” again. It is not an easy pose….but when its done right its just adorable.


Safety is always top priority…that means I need to know how to photoshop images very well. This final image required three different images to get the final product. Yes, I work magic, even if it is in front of the computer screen and not behind the camera. 🙂



This is an easy pose….except it is a little tricky to keep all private parts covered. 🙂 I just LOVE the leg warmers and matching head piece. So wish I knew how to knit, but then again I am busy enough! 🙂