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My sweet baby girl is six weeks old today. It is just baffling how fast time really flies. I swear she grows in the night and when I wake up…she is bigger. Tonight, she was full of smiles and “talking”. It was so adorable, and quite rare. Noelle is a day sleeper. She normally naps from 11am to 3pm or even 4pm….and then again off and on in the evening. I am so jealous!! These days of my life are all about my sweet baby and bonding with her. I am transitioning back into working and photographing starting in Feb. I am looking forward to working with my clients again….however it will be a slow transition through out Feb. Noelle is slowing getting introduced to the bottle so that days with Grandma will be bearable for both of them when I need to be away from her for a whole day. The thought of that right now is so sad. I am loving this stage in my life where I can stay home and be a mom and love on my girls. I am so blessed.

Here are some photos of Noelle and even one of Norah too….enjoy, they are the loves of my life.

My happy SLEEPING baby....yes she is sound asleep!!

My sweet little girls....they are loved too much!