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This last week, Norah and I have been struggling with our health. We have been competing to see who has the worse cough. Well…I think I won, because I completely lost my voice. I am so thankful it happened over the weekend when I do not get as many phone calls….Today (Tuesday) my voice is slowly trying to recover. I have never had it “this bad” before. So annoying. The worse part about coughing is sleep….or the lack of it, because “the cough” comes alive at night. Poor Norah has really struggled at night. I took a couple photos of her the last few nights sleeping….when she finally falls asleep. Poor baby, its been rough. She looks so sweet and perfect when she is asleep….and you can see that trusty ole Snuggles is right by herself.

One cute Norah fact: last night she was sleeping with me (Jayme works nights, and she always comes in bed with me in the middle of the night) and I got up coughing again (big surprise) and got a drink of water and then got back in bed….she never opened her eyes or said a word….just started to snuggle with me and rub my back and arm like I do to comfort her. I am getting all teary eyed thinking back to it. Such a sweet little thing she is….even when we are sick.

Love you Beanie.