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It’s been a couple years since we offered “Mommy and Me” mini photography sessions and we are happy to say they are back. One of the main reasons I am making these happen this year is because I have come to realize all the more how important it is to capture children with their mothers at all phases of life. We all know how incredible that bond is between a mother and her child…..and photographs allow us to hold on to those memories and remind us of that love. Before we go any farther on that subject, lets talk through the details of these sessions and I truly hope you can take advantage of this photo shoot….I KNOW you will not regret it. (After all the details as you scroll down this post, please feel free to read the personal reasons why my assistant and I are so passionate about these sessions this year.)

MUST READ…so you know exactly what to expect!!! 

DATE: April 30, 2017 (SOLD OUT) Still available is  May 2, 2017 or May 6, 2017.

TIME:  Sessions will be up to 20 minutes long and scheduled every 20 minutes.

PRICE $100 includes two digital files. Additional digital files are available for purchase for $40/each…..or you can purchase the complete set for an additional $125. You will be shown 8-10 images to choose from the session. SESSION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE, CAN BE RESCHEDULED AT GREGERSEN PHOTOGRAPHY’S AVAILABILITY ON A TUESDAY OR THURSDAY AS SCHEDULE ALLOWS. 

If you want to do three generational….so grandma, mom and children. We are requiring you to buy TWO spots to ensure we not only have enough time, but make sure you get all the images to choose from with in our parameters. 

DETAILS: These sessions will be all done in BLACK and WHITE….our vision is classic, timeless and focus on the relationship between a mother and her children. We will be offering a dark backdrop and recommend you wear black, dark gray or a dark color for this. We also are offering a white backdrop and suggest you wear white, cream or light gray. Please stay away from patterns or prints….our goal is to create clean crisp black and white images that put the focus on the relationship and not the outfits. We will photograph with the intent to show you 8-10 images to choose from. Our goal is always quality over quantity. Images will be put on an online gallery for you to view within one week after the session. It is then that you can decide on your two included digital files, and let us know if you would like more files, the complete set and take advantage of the deal we are offering below for a gallery wrapped canvas. 

We are offering a special promotion for these sessions as well…..$100 off of very popular 16x20inch gallery wrapped canvas…we offer ONLY THE BEST gallery wrapped canvases and would love to make you a gorgeous wall portrait that not only will last a lifetime, but will also be cherished by so many as well. This size is a perfect size to have in your children’s room, play room or even in your master bedroom to remember how special that relationship with our little ones is each day.  We ask you please order the wall portrait within ONE WEEK after receiving the online gallery to view your images to receive this promotion. The normal valued priced is $295 and the special promotional price is only $195. Remember these are the best canvases we have found in our industry for quality and longevity. (If you would like a larger size, we are happy to accommodate, and will honor the $100 discount at any size above 16x20in.)







(The May 6th sessions will be photographed by Carrie (my awesome associate photographer since I will be photographing a wedding that day)


Learn the Why behind these sessions this year….

The last several years, I have not offered these sessions simply because Spring is when my wedding business ramps up and I just didn’t have the extra time or energy to offer these mini sessions. Mini sessions are fun, but a lot of work. 😉 However, this past year I have had to walk a very difficult road that initially started with confusion, denial and then accepting the diagnosis that has changed my life.  You see, my sweet mom (her name is Marcia she is only 62 years old), has altzheimers. If you would like to read more in depth about my personal feelings on this you can click here on a blog post I did a recently. We are losing her faster than we ever thought. We were told the disease would be fairly slow in its progression, however that has not been the case. It is heartbreaking….period. I honestly do not know if I will ever have another picture taken with my mom again for many personal reasons, and that is quite sobering. So I rely on the ones in the past, and there are pictures for sure, but never enough. Being raised in the 80’s we just didn’t take nearly as many pictures as we do today, so there are not a lot of pictures of me growing up….and even fewer with my mother and I. Having two little girls of my own and a passion for photography you would think I would have LOTS of photographs of my girls and I. However, I will admit that I do not have as many as I should….because I am just like every other mom out there and do not like to get my picture taken. I critique everything wrong with me in my images. I fear so many of us moms are hypocrites in this area where we are so harsh on ourselves and then tell our daughter to love themselves and they are beautiful just the way they are and yet they see in our actions and hear in the words we say about ourselves….that its a double standard. I to  am guilty of that. So don’t let that be an excuse moms PLEASE!! Back to my sweet mother, what I would give to have a nice professional photograph of her and I together and some that include my siblings and my daughters…but that opportunity slipped away with the daily hustle to get to the next thing that is not nearly as important as what I wish for now. And THIS is why I am offering these sessions this year, to give us moms an opportunity to create heirlooms for our children. Photographs they will TREASURE in 20,30, 40 years, way beyond anything else in their life. So I practiced what I preach this past weekend and my sweet assistant took some photographs of my girls and I at the studio so you can not only see what the white backdrop set would look like, but also to have these photographs and print them and make something beautiful out of them for my daughters. I will be honest I was not feeling it at all for this shoot. I had just finished shooting 4 hours of children mini sessions and 8 hours of it the day before, and I had a cold…..so I had every excuse to blow it off…..but I didn’t and I am so glad I snuggled with my girls and got these images. I hope that my story inspires you to consider doing one of our “mommy and me” sessions…..love to you all.

Here is Carrie’s story…

Six years ago I didn’t know if I would ever have the opportunity to become a momma.  Mother’s day was a reminder of the miscarriage my husband and I experienced and the baby that was missing from our life.  Through the gift of adoption, I have been a momma for four years now.  The joy that tiny baby boy brought into our lives is indescribable.  Being a mom is a hundred times better than I ever dreamed of!  I am also not the biggest fan of having my picture taken.  But, I want to soak up and cherish every stage of our little guy’s life.  That means being purposeful about taking the time to be in front of the camera as well as behind it.   My mom is my hero and biggest fan.  If I can be a fraction of the momma she is I will be happy.   She came to the studio to help encourage smiles and jumped in a few pictures at the end of the session.  She is going to melt when she sees the images below!

Carrie and I know that each and every mother has a sweet tender story and reason why they need images like these above. We are thrilled to be able to offer these sessions and can not wait to meet you all and serve you and your precious little ones. Thank you for reading our stories.