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Mom said no one else is taking my newborn photos!

Now that’s a compliment folks! I have photographed this sweet family off and on through the years and when Mom reached out to say “surprise”! I am pregnant, and I don’t want anyone else to take my newborn photos….I was so so honored! Newborn photography is a favorite here at our studio and you will see us do a little happy dance every time we book. Year after year it doesn’t get old, actually it gets sweeter and sweeter to photographer this sweet itty bitty newborn babies.


I so enjoy photography newborns with flowers and different greeneries. Fitting an itty bitty newborn into a bowl surrounded by gorgeous succulents creates such a beautiful photograph….a work of art that you can display proudly in your home! It will be that one wall art piece that everyone talks about and compliments when they walk through your home.

Newborn surrounded by succulents and purple!

Mom and Dad are deeply in love and wanted a more intimate image of the three of them.

Black and White Magic!


Love the cream colors!

Family picture time!! Look at all those sweet children! That is one blessed family right there. And they all ADORE their little Nora who has instantly fit perfectly into the family.


Beautiful, growing family!

Newborn in a neutral bucket surrounded by daisies.

This one goes on the wall!