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My sweet office assistant, Dani and her hubby Tim welcomed their baby boy, Milo Robert into the world on September 26th. I miss Dani at the studio like crazy….she was an amazing help to me, and always happy. =) We always had something to talk about….our aching pregnant bodies, and anticipating labor, chatting about our most recent Dr. appts….all while wearing out a path to the bathroom thanks to our poor bladders. But I am so thrilled for her and that she is now a mommy to one blessed little boy. It will be my turn in about 6-7 weeks!!

They came in last week to get some photos. Milo was not too impressed with the idea at all. He just wanted to be held by his mom. =)
But we were able to sneak a few in there….here are some of my favorites! He is sooooo cute!!
Congrats Dani, much love to you, Tim and that sweet little Milo.