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Such a sweet couple. I am looking forward to their upcoming wedding this August. It’s so fun to learn connections to people and there is a fun one with them! 🙂 Jared’s grandparents are distant relatives of mine….so I guess Jared and I are related someway somehow too! His grandparents were so kind to let me live with them for a couple months one Summer when I was going to Physical Therapy school in Muskegon. That was over 14 years ago….wow…suddenly feeling a bit old, but anyway, I never forgot their kindness for letting me in that Summer.

Jared and Melissa were so sweet together, full of smiles and giggles. I am looking forward to a fun wedding day with them soon.

They were my first outdoor session this Spring as the weather was finally improving. It felt sooooo good to shoot outside again. We started the session in my backyard (I live in the woods) and ended at an old barn! So fun!!