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What a honor and a fabulous time I had photographing this sweet couple’s wedding celebration. It was two days of beauty, love, traditions, culture, celebration, family and friends. I fell in love with all the color and decorations of this gorgeous Mehndi party. I learned that is party celebrates the couple as family wishes them luck, prosperity, blessings and joy. It is a celebration with lots of laughing and dancing. 
Kalamazoo Michigan Mehndi Kalamazoo Michigan Mehndi  details
The guys were such a fun easy going group. You will notice the small black dress shoes on the coffee table, there is a funny story behind those. 😉 
Groom and groomsman at Radisson in Kalamazoo MI
Henna had the most gorgeous art on her hands and arms. She said it took about eight hours to be applied. If you look close you can see Nick’s name on her hand. 
henna art on bride's hand
I so enjoy photographing the getting ready portion of the day, there is something so special about a mother helping a daughter get ready for her big day. 
Bride getting ready for Mehndi kalamazoo Michigan
The attention to detail was quite evident through out these two days. Stunning. 
For the photographers readying this:
Photographing in hotel rooms is not always easy, and can be quite the challenge to create bridal portraits that are unique and beautiful. I had about five minutes to take some pictures of Henna alone. These were taken in her suite that had a large lamp. I made that not ideal lamp light work to our favor to create this image of Henna below. In comparison, the image after this one was taken right after it….just changing some settings on my camera and using my flash. 
Bridal Mehndi Portraits at Radisson in Kalamazoo MI
Bride and groom announced in grand fashion to their Mehndi! Let the party begin!! 
Lots of smiles, great music and dancing as they celebrate the couple! 
It was so fun to see the traditions that took place and learn their meanings for all those involved. 
Henna’s brother gave a fantastic funny and heart felt toast to his sister and brother in law. 
A live drummer made the party come alive. Everyone was ready to get on the dance floor and celebrate! 
Nick and Henna were so incredibly kind as they would help explain everything going on through out the two days for me and others. I am so thankful they allowed me to be their photographer. 
Bride and Groom at Mehndi Radisson in Kalamazoo MI
Next to come in another blog post is their amazing wedding day…..
Bride and Groom at Mehndi Radisson in Kalamazoo MI