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Meet Gracie from DeWitt High School

~ 2020 High School Senior~

I have known Gracie’s family for quite some time. I remember Gracie has a little girl running around and playing with my nieces. I was so honored to be asked to photograph her for her high school senior pictures. She choose to go to Saint Joseph, Michigan since she has so many wonderful memories with friends and family there at Lake Michigan.

Gracie, along with the whole 2020 high school senior class, has had to let go of so many fun “last memories” together and all the fun things that come with the end of their senior year, so I invited her to share her story on my blog. 💕

So….here is Gracie Jean!

Determined, caring, and diligent.

School dances, late night Meijer runs with friends, Friendsgiving, student sections at football games.

I like country music, RomComs, and medical and crime tv shows

Kayaking, coloring, cooking/baking

I plan to go to Nursing school at Michigan State University.

Lots and lots of FaceTimes or group messaging, sometimes 6 foot away conversations in driveways

Going camping with friends and family and getting to do more outdoor activities other than yard work!

Family, friends, school,

Gracie, I wish you all the best as you study nursing. I can not think of a better field of study that I so respect. Both my parents were in the nursing profession. My mom worked as a nurse educator as well and was so passionate about her job as she cared for people. My dad was a nurse anesthetist, and I had such respect for them and how they cared for others. I have no doubt your loving and sweet personality will be such a comfort to those your serve in your lifetime. Thank you for choosing me to photograph you during this special time in your life. I hope to see you at a family gathering in the future when we all can “get back to normal”. Big hugs to you girl!!