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Maybe I have been giving off the mommy vibe lately?? I have been getting several requests for maternity sessions this month. I am thrilled to see that mothers to be are choosing to do this. It is such a special time in our lives to watch and feel a baby grow inside of us. I love the beauty of an expecting mother….she just glows.

So if you are blessed with a pregnancy and would love to have yourself photographed in a very comfortable and fun setting….please contact me at the studio 269-352-6083 or by email. We are excepting sessions right now for March.

Another fabulous offer we have at the studio is our Baby Plan! This plan focuses on photographing your growing baby at the newborn, six month and one year stage. If you would like more information on our baby plan…please let me know!

I am a big believer in photographing our children. I look at my four year old and almost cry at how fast she is growing up…and now  I have a 5 week old daughter who will do the same thing. These precious moments are fleeting so fast! Beautiful photography is the best way to preserve these wonderful days we live in with our little ones.