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I have lots of ambitions, dreams for 2010. It is full of possibilities for me….for all of us! I was enjoying my wonderful relaxing Holiday weekend, and it came to an end on Monday morning. Back to work…and it started off so horribly. As I was settling in front of the computer for the day, I received THE phone call. A friend/coworker/manager of mine for 10 years was killed in a car accident. Just like that…he is gone. He leaves behind ┬ábeautiful wife, and two adorable young children…and so many people who adored him.

So I want to dedicate this blog post to all of us, and encourage us all to make the most of 2010. Make the most of our family time, even when we are tired and cranky, and even annoyed with our children. You just never know…

Here are some photos I found off my full memory card on my “point and shoot” camera…they remind me of how blessed I am with my family, my health, and each day my God chooses to give me on this earth.

Jayme and I golfing with friends from Northbridge (our church)…that was a very fun evening.


Getting some sugar from my Beanie…love these moments.


At Wrigley Field with our friends, Ray and Grace. Cubs lost…big surprise.


My beautiful daughter, Norah. I am just crazy in love with this girl.


Now GO, make memories with your family….even if it is just cuddling on the couch together.