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This was a fun photography session with my sister. She has always LOVED horses, and when we were in high school she had two horses. I personally couldn’t tell you much more about a horse than their color, but she is one of those people who is so passionate about them. She asked me if we could do a photography session just for her with a horse. Meet Domino….he is a beautiful pony and did such a great job with his photography session.

My sister gets all the credit for the styling of this photography shoot…she did her own hair, makeup, styling and even provided the horse! 🙂

Beautiful woman and her beautiful horse.

I am always looking for light…it can be tricky to get it right as you start a session because the timing of the start of the session may not timed for that pretty light…but I enjoyed the challenge of it as we walked around a field until we found that sweet spot and then off we went!

Horse photography at sunset with pretty girl

My sister loves snuggling a horse…gotta say I have never EVER snuggled a horse…I will do a courtesy pet on the nose or neck, but that is about as close I as get. 😉 Marie on the other hand will just snuggle right up!!

The love of a horse is undeniable in this gorgeous image.

The sun glare really sets off this image of a horse and it's faithful human companion.

Native American inspired horse photography

This one below is a favorite….she looks so fierce. 😉 Well she actually is a pretty fierce girl, so that’s why I am drawn to it. I have seen that look many times growing up!!

Native American inspired horse photography

Horses are such effectionate creatures.

Native American inspired horse photography

We are all super critical of ourselves when we see pictures of ourselves. I sure hope my sister sees how incredibly gorgeous she is in these images below as the world sees her. She is so so smart, courageous, loyal, passionate and has one wicked sense of humor.

Evening sunset with the red hair on this beauty!

In her element in the horse field at sunset.

Tan dress and an autumn glow throw the trees really sets off this image!

The auburn color from the sun through the tree makes this beauty pop!

She asked for this shot and happy to oblige!!!

Horse Photography at sunset